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Lampe Berger

The Lampe Berger Story

The Lampe Berger system removes odors, kills bacteria and fragrances the air.

  • - Cigarette smokeLampe Berger
    - Cooking odors
    - Pet odors
    - Paint fumes
  • - Many other forms of household pollution. Lampe Berger

LAMPE BERGER undertakes constant research to improve the performance of its products. Its work concerns catalysis, i.e. the Lampe Berger operating system, the catalyst, the catalysis medium, the home fragrances, which feed the combustion and the lamps.
Lampe Berger has committed to the A.I.S.E industry initiative Air Fresheners Stewardship Programme

Catalytic combustion is a flameless combustion, which takes place because of the action of a catalyst.

A catalyst accelerates a chemical reaction. It also makes it possible to reduce the energy required for activation and thus to work at much lower temperatures than otherwise necessary for the same reaction. In this way energy consumption is limited.

Generally a catalytic system is made up of:
• a porous medium which must have the largest possible specific surface, because the reaction takes place at the interface between the gaseous fluid and the solid.
• an active phase, generally a metal or an oxide which provides active sites, where the chemical reaction takes place.

The most well-known example of this is the catalytic converter: it aims to prevent the formation of products, present in exhaust gases, that are harmful to health, and to convert them to limit air pollution.
Catalysis is used in the manufacturing processes of about 80% of products in everyday use: lotions, gels, creams, mousses, soaps or shampoos to mention only cosmetics.

The catalytic medium chosen by LAMPE BERGER is the ceramic in the AIR PUR System 3C® burner. It is the result of several years of research. Its regular, constant porosity plays an important part in ensuring efficient cleansing of the air and the quality of the diffusion of the home fragrances.

The catalyst chosen by LAMPE BERGER is a precious metal : platinum. It is present on the outer part of the burner.

The ceramic medium, equipped with the catalyst or catalytic burner, will make cleaning of the air in the home and destruction of odors possible.

Interview by Corinne Gomez, Research and Development Manager, LAMPE BERGER, Doctor of Chemistry

“The catalysis area is heated homogeneously to about 500°C, which allows catalytic oxidation of isopropanol and ensures destruction of the odors."